Saturday, February 9, 2013

Ramen Sora

Every year in Sapporo a giant snow festival is held called the Yuki Matsuri. I've wanted to go since I moved to Japan, and this year the festival overlapped with a three day weekend. It was destiny; my brother and I booked our flights and went.

Sapporo is famous for many different kinds of foods: soup curry, seafood, crab, jinguskahn, and of course, miso ramen. Which meant that while we were there, my brother and I would be hitting up as many shops as we can.

The night I arrived we met with our host who took us to the Sapporo Ramen Republic, a collection of shops not unlike the Raumen Stadium in Canal City or Tokyo Ramen Street. I wanted to get the most authentic miso possible, so I did some scouting and decided to go to Ramen Sora.

Hokkaidō, Sapporo-shi, Chūō-ku, Kita 5 Jōnishi, 2丁目

The Bowl
What awaited was a decent but not amazing miso. It was rich and hearty, but also covered in a layer of oil. The noodles were medium, curly, and eggy. The menma and egg were decent, but the super thick piece of chashu stood above the rest, fatty and delicious.

Would I Go Again?
Nah, this was nothing special, especially in Sapporo.

Should You Go?
There are better shops in this city.

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