Friday, October 19, 2012

Menya Sakamoto Top Wo Nerae!

In Japan, celebrities are a lot like Paris Hilton.  They become famous for one reason or another, and then they start to bleed into music, or acting, or entrepreneurship, and you start to forget how they even got to that point.  So even on a normal night going to eat ramen in Namba, you might find yourself eating at a restaurant created by a celebrity.  Menya Sakamoto Top Wo Nerae! (that last part means "aim for the top!" is one of those restaurants.

Sakamoto is a new ramen shop produced by celebrity Garigarigarikuson.  I don't know much about him, but that he worked as the manager of a couple of ramen shops, so it especially made sense for him to open this shop.  Sakamoto specializes in chicken ramen, offering a kotteri chicken soba, and a lighter gyokai chicken soba.  I went for the kotteri one.

麺屋 坂本 トップをねらえ!
1-3-14 Nanba

The Bowl
Kotteri is what I asked for and kotteri is what I got.  The broth was rich, creamy, and a little frothy.  It was a thick chicken soup that almost seemed liked the kind of soup you'd get with tsukemen.  It reminded me a lot of Men Life Taku.  The noodles were curly, springy, and thin.  The menma and egg were both pretty good, but the chashu was tough and a little bland.

Would I Go Again?
Sakamoto was pretty good and in a really convenient location.  Maybe I'll try the assari gyokai chicken soba next time.

Should You Go?
I would say go to Men Life Taku or Menya Taku over this, but this place is good and in a better location.

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