Saturday, July 21, 2012

Ramen Nikoku

A ramen friend from Tokyo was in town, and we wanted to try somewhere interesting.  I gave him some recommendations and handed him my copies of ramen walker, and what he chose was Nikoku: the picture of fatty ramen covered in tons of chashu, garlic, and kimchi.

In the end neither of us got the crazy bowl that was pictured, but what I got, the stamina ramen, was not that far off.

2-13-18 Sonezaki

The Bowl
The broth was a rich tonkotsu shoyu, and was actually pretty good on its own.  The noodles were medium and firm, and the chashu were fairly standard slices.  The toppings were a bit much.  I like garlic, kimchi, and onions as much as the next guy, but they would have been better served on the side than on top of the ramen.  After a few stirs, the original broth's taste completely vanished and was replaced by a biting sour pickly one.  Well, I guess it was my own fault for ordering that one.

Would I Go Again?
My friend's beef suji ramen was better than mine, but I'm not sure I'm quite curious enough to go again.

Should You Go?
You don't need to, but if you do, get something a little simpler.

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