Tuesday, June 5, 2012


After spending a few days in Osaka, my friends visiting from America decided to stay a few nights in Kyoto.  That meant that I'd be making nightly visits to Kyoto to hang out with them, but more importantly, that all of us would be exploring a set of ramen shops I normally don't get to visit.

Gogyo is one I picked out from Ramen Walker.  The advertised charred miso ramen hit two things I love: miso, and weird ramen.  What I had not realized when I visited is that I'd actually been to Gogyo before.  I had visited the branch in Tokyo just after arriving there over two years ago.

京都 五行
452 Jūmonjichō

The Bowl
Black miso broth!  I could stare at it for hours.  It was rich and as oily as it looks, which means that it was scalding.  The charred flavor really came through; charred miso is exactly what it tasted like.  The noodles were medium and broke apart easily, but they carried the flavor well.  The slices of chashu were standard, but the egg was creamy and delicious.  There was an assortment of other goodies in there: ginger, cabbage, onions, seaweed, and a fishcake.

Would I Go Again?
The ramen was interesting and good.  I would check it out again, but I have more exploring to do in Kyoto first.

Should You Go?
Yeah, definitely.  It's right in downtown Kyoto too.

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