Saturday, February 11, 2012


Normally my trips to get ramen take me north; be it deeper into the heart of Osaka or all the way up to Umeda.  Today I decided to go to a place a bit west, by the not-so-exciting Taisho Station on the not-so-exciting Osaka loop line.

Manten is in a small alleyway, and offers shoyu tonkotsu ramen, a combination of shoyu and tonkotsu that is the base for styles such as Wakayama-style and Tokushima-style ramen.

大正橋 まんてん
Ōsaka-fu, Ōsaka-shi, Taishō-ku, Sangenyanishi, 1丁目4−20
Manten is in an alleyway just west of Manten Station.

The Bowl
The broth was shoyu tonkotsu, and I couldn't really pin down which it tasted of more.  It was really rich , but you could taste the soy sauce and tonkotsu both very well.  The noodles were thin and covered with onions.  There were bean sprouts as well, and the menma, which tasted somehow different from normal, was very good.  To top it off, the chashu was thick and melt-in-your-mouth tender.

Would I Go Again?
Yeah, there's not a ton of shoyu tonkotsu places and this was really good.

Should You Go?
Yeah.  You can go on your next routine trip to Taisho Station!

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