Sunday, December 18, 2011


I found out a few weeks ago that, like in Kyoto and Fukuoka, there is a recently opened set of ramen shop branches in Kobe all in one place, called Men Road (which means Noodle Road in Japanese).  I had never had ramen in Kobe before, and I needed to see this place, so a couple friends and I headed over there.

Men Road is pretty small, it's almost like a hallway, with counters at each of the four shops.  I hadn't heard of any of the shops, but Kisshokichi claimed to use Kobe beef in their ramen, so we went with that one.  My friends went with the shoyu bowl, and I went with the shio-based veggie soba.

Hyōgo-ken, Kōbe-shi, Chūō-ku, Sannomiyachō, 1丁目10−1
Kisshokichi is located in Men Road, which is across the street from Sannomiya Station, in the basement of the department store complex by Kobe Marui.

The Bowl
As advertised, the veggie soba was very light and had plenty of vegetables.  Peppers and onions littered the bowl.  The noodles were very thin, long, and tended to clump together - they reminded me more of pho noodles than standard ramen noodles.  I think the pieces of meat in the broth were alright but not what I would expect from Kobe beef.

Would I Go Again?
The veggie soba was an OK if simple bowl, and there are three other shops right next to Kisshokichi, so I'll be going to those before I even consider coming back here.

Should You Go?
Kisshokichi wasn't really anything special; the other places in Men Road may be, but you'll have to wait a little bit before you get reviews for those.

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