Monday, November 28, 2011

Tenbijio Ramen Iizumi

The other day my landlord yelled at me for writing a ramen blog in Osaka and not including any shio shops.  It's a good point, though most of the places I've found in Osaka don't specialize in shio.  One way or another, Ramen Walker helped me find one near Shinsaibashi and I stopped there on the way home.

天日塩らーめん いゝずみ
Ōsaka-fu Ōsaka-shi Chūō-ku Minamisenba 2丁目7−31
Iizumi is on one of the streets northeast of the big Shinsaibashi Tokyu Hands.

The Bowl
Light and refreshing.  Iizumi's shio ramen didn't make me super full like some of the thicker bowls I've had.  It had a clear soup that tasted very sesame and a bit oniony.  The noodles were thin and slippery, which made them very easy to slurp down.  The one slice of chashu was very tender; it had a stubtle taste that while very delicious, was not as in-your-face as the thick kakuni a lot of shops offer.  The egg, on the other hand, was very flavorful.

Would I Go Again?
I'm more of a kotteri guy and this is an assari place, but I would come back again if I'm not hungry enough to take down a full bowl of tsukemen or tonkotsu ramen.

Should You Go?
It's in a good location and it's a good shio bowl, so yeah.

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