Thursday, November 3, 2011

Marugen Ramen

Random day off!  Always a cause for excitement.  Unfortunately this one was not at the beginning or end of a week, so no three day weekend.  Some friends and I made a trip to Soni Kogen to see the pampas grass and to do some hiking.  After spending the afternoon there, we were left in the nearby town of Nabari to find food.  There's not a lot in Nabari, and even less if you're on foot.  We were left to choose between a chicken wing place and a ramen chain, and my friends chose the ramen chain.


Mie-ken Nabari-shi Natsumi3213−1

The Bowl
The broth was an oily, salty, shoyu; fatty, but thin and not that flavorful; it reminded me of Kappa Ramen.  The thin noodles were mediocre, and the bara-niku was OK, but not as good as the amount of fat on it would lead you to believe.  The one shining spot was the spicy daikon radish clump in the center; I haven't really had spicy radish like that and it helped make the soup taste a bit better.

Would I Go Again?
Not that I think I'll find myself in Nabari again soon, but I don't intend to go to another branch either.

Should You Go?
Simple no.

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