Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ramen Cliff

To make up for the terrible rain the day before, I vowed that if Sunday was a nice day, I would take advantage of it.  I didn't really expect that to happen, but low and behold, Sunday had fantastic weather, and I decided to go somewhere.  As usual I took a gander at Ramen Walker and found a tsukemen place that looked pretty good and was kind of far away from where I lived.  I hopped on my bike, and headed out to Ramen Cliff.

I had never been to this area of town before, and I was excited to find that there was a really nice park nearby, even with a small beach area where a bunch of kids were playing (in October, though, really?).

The inside of Cliff was very new looking, with a nice wooden counter that I tried to avoid spilling on, though that was really a lost cause.  I ordered what I had read about; the white chicken tsukemen.

らぁ麺 Cliff
Ōsaka-fu Ōsaka-shi Miyakojima-ku Katamachi 1丁目9−34
Cliff is right near Osakajokitazume Station, on the north side of Tosabori Dori.

The Bowl
As expected, what I got was a very chicken-y bowl of tsukemen.  It was fairly thin and very drinkable, especially with the thin, flat noodles that were served with it.  It wasn't as thick as some of the chicken ramen I've before, and it was a bit salty, but the menma and chashu were extra delicious.

Would I Go Again?
It's a bit out of the way, but it's the only place like this I know in Osaka.  I'd try the chicken tsukemen again, but they had a number of other bowls I'd like to try too.

Should You Go?
If you ever make it to this area, it's worth a stop.  Check out the park just a bit north, too.

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