Friday, October 7, 2011

Kamigataya Goroemon

I got off work late, but was feeling like ramen.  I was lazy and didn't feel like walking far, and a search on ramendb revealed a tonkotsu tsukemen shop connected to Umeda station.  I walked on in, and ordered the standard tsukemen.

つけ麺 上方屋 五郎ヱ門
Ōsaka-fu Ōsaka-shi Kita-ku Kakudachō 9
Kamigataya is located in Shin Umeda Shokudo Gai, a set of indoor alleys containing a number of restaurants.  It's across from JR Osaka station, and connected to subway and Hankyu Umeda stations.

The Bowl
Unlike most tsukemen I find myself eating, the broth was somewhat thin, very salty and murky with fat.  It was pork flavored; no fish essence in this one.  They served medium sized noodles that were a little hard.  The chashu was not that flavorfu, but tasted better when soaked in the soup.

Would I Go Again?
I wasn't blown away, and there are better places in the area.

Should You Go?
There's not a ton of reason to.

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