Sunday, October 2, 2011


This has been a weekend of mediocre ramen.  Not all bad, but not amazing either.  After biking to Umeda today I met with a friend at Yodobashi, and after shopping we went to the roof restaurant floor to grab some food.  It's here where we found Chabuton.

They had an interesting looking limited-time torigara soup, but I went for the classic tonkotsu.

Ōsaka-fu Ōsaka-shi Kita-ku Ōfukachō 1−1
Chabuton is on the restaurant floor of Umeda's Yodobashi Camera.

The Bowl
The broth glistened from the layer of oil covering it.  It was a fairly standard tonkotsu; nothing too special, but not bad either.  The noodles were thin and chewy.  The only part that really stood out was the sesame seeds that topped the ramen, which added flavor to the broth and chashu.

Would I Go Again?
It was pretty mediocre.  I don't see any reason to make a second trip.

Should You Go?
There's plenty of other tonkotsu in the city, and a ton of good places in Umeda, so you can skip this one.

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